Do you like to take advantage of Telegram emoji reactions to make more attractive your encrypted conversations with various emoji reactions such as red heart, fire, party popper or other emoticons?Telegram, the end-to-end encrypted messaging app, has finally included emoji reactions, as well as in-app translation for chats and other new features in the most recent update to the messaging client for iOS and Android.

By this time, many messaging clients are available such as iMessage, Messenger, Discord, Slack, and others have long allowed emoji reactions. Therefore, Telegram will have to compete with its rivals. However, as emoji reactions were one of the most-awaited features, the Telegram team has finally decided to include this possibility in the version 8.4 release.

Here is, how to use emoji reactions Telegram on iPhone.

You can use the emoji reactions below on Telegram.

  • Thumbs Up
  • Thumbs Down
  • Red Heart
  • Fire
  • Party Popper
  • Star-Struck
  • Screaming Face
  • Beaming Face
  • Crying Face
  • Pile of Poo
  • Face Vomiting

You can download the Telegram app for your iPhone for free on the App Store.

How to use emoji reactions Telegram

If you want to send a quick reaction with the default emoji, simply can double-tap a message or touch and hold a message for more reactions.

  1. Open an individual chat or group chat on Telegram for iPhone
  2. Double-tap on a chat bubble to add the default thumbs-up reaction
  3. Alternatively, tap and hold on to a chat bubble to send additional emoji reactions

The exciting thing is, each reaction has its distinct animation.

How to change the default reaction on Telegram

Double-tapping on a chat bubble adds a thumbs-up reaction to the chosen message without sending any messages. However, you can change this gesture to another emoji in Telegram settings.

  1. Tap the Settings tab in Telegram
  2. Choose the Stickers and Emoji option
  3. Tap Quick Reaction
  4. Choose an emoji in the list to assign to the double-tap gesture
enable emoji reactions individual chats

How to use emoji reactions in group chats on Telegram

In group chats and channels, turning reactions on or off is controlled by group administrators. Further, they also decide which reaction emoji are available in the conversation.

  1. Visit your group or channel on Telegram
  2. Open your group or channel’s Info page
  3. Finally, go to Edit > Reactions

Then, you can enable or disable reactions for that specific group or channel.

What is new in Telegram 8.4?

According to a post on the Telegram site, Telegram now supports translation for chats in foreign languages. You can instantly translate any conversation, including messages from public groups, into another language with in-app translation. This feature is only available on iPhones running iOS 15. On Android, in-app translation is available on any smartphone that can run Telegram.

Other features include QR codes for profiles, redesigned contextual menus in Telegram for macOS, larger and more complex emoji animations in individual chats, and a new Spoiler formatting that works similarly to Apple’s Messages’ Invisible Ink feature.

You can know more details by reading the post on everything new in Telegram 8.4.

This article guide shows you how to use emoji reactions Telegram on iPhone.

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