If you are a heavy user of Instagram and find short-form videos like funny, emotional, or informative Instagram reels, you may want to download them locally to your iPhone. After you download Instagram Reel, you can share it with anyone across any platform through the iPhone Photos or File app. Later, you can watch it offline or extract audio from the Instagram Reel. This article will show you the top 6 ways to download Instagram Reels iPhone without watermark for free and without a colorful border around Instagram reels.

As YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels has emerged as the most equipped alternative to TikTok with many eye-catching effects, handy editing tools, and an ever-growing library of soundtracks. Significantly, if you want to download a short video from this video-sharing platform, there is no official way to download Reel.

How to download Instagram Reels iPhone without watermark

Don’t worry, and there are many alternative ways to save Instagram videos on your iPhone. Let’s dive into it one by one.

Download Reels using the official Instagram app

This is the simple and easy way to save the Instagram Reel to your Photos app; tap the send button for an Instagram Reel you want to save and tap Add reel to your story. Then, tap the three dots icon and select Save to download the Instagram Reel to Photos app.

You just need the Instagram app installed on your iPhone, nothing else by this method. But, after downloading the Reel, it’ll show an unnecessary colored border. Especially, it is very small and of poor quality.

Save Reels inside the Instagram app

Another simple way you can save an Instagram video is to tap the three-dot icon for an Instagram reel and tap Save. This method does not download it locally to your iPhone but only adds the video to your Instagram profile’s “Saved” section. Therefore, this is not a way to download reels locally but save them for future viewings, such as the bookmarks feature.

The advantage of this way is you can quickly save exciting Reels for future viewing. But there are a few advantages. Those are,

  • You have to always connect to the Internet to view the Reel (No offline viewing)
  • You cannot download the Reel, and it’s only a bookmark.
  • And, you cannot see the Reel again if the original creator of the Reel deletes it.

Use third-party apps to save Instagram Reels

Many Instagram Reels downloading apps are available in the App Store. However, most of them will include a big watermark on the video. You can’t get rid of the watermark unless you pay. In addition, the free edition will contain advertisements.

One of the best apps to download Reels without the watermark for free is Reposter for Instagram app. It also has a free and paid version. But, there are ads in the free version. However, if you’ve passed through the ad, you can use it to download Reels for free and without a watermark.

Here’s how to download public or private Instagram Reels to your iPhone Camera Roll without a watermark for free.

  • Download and open the Reposter for Instagram app for free from the AppStore.
  • Open the desired Reel you want to save from the Instagram app, tap the three dots icon and choose Copy Link.
  • Then, launch the Reposter for Instagram app, and you will see the copied link automatically has been pasted. (If not, you can do it manually). Tap Preview Photo or Video.
  • Select Repost on Instagram

That’s it. You don’t need to repost anything on Instagram and exit from the Repost on Instagram app. Then, you can open the iPhone Photos App, and the downloaded video is there.

You can download videos from Instagram posts and Stories using the same way. Please log in if the app prompts you to do so. You won’t have any problems downloading Instagram Reels if you do it this way.

Download Instagram Reels to iPhone Files app

You may save Instagram Reels directly to the Files app if you don’t want them to fill up your iPhone Camera Roll. Before doing that, you need to follow the initial steps above. Then, as you can see in the screenshot examples below,

  1. Tap Open in Brower instead if Repost on Instagram
  2. Next, tap the share icon and select Save to Files > Save

Finally, the Instagram Reel will be downloaded and saved to the Files app on your iPhone. By tapping the share icon from inside the Files app, you can save the Reel to the Photos app again or send it to other apps.

Record the Instagram Reel screen

You can use your iPhone’s native screen recording feature to record the Instagram reel to your iPhone Photo app without getting the help of third-party apps or websites. For that,

  1. Open Control Center and tap the Screen Recording icon (You can add it by going iPhone Settings > Control Center. Next, tap the green plus icon to add the Screen Recording button)
  2. Then, play the Instagram Reel that you want to record. Once you tap the record icon, it will record everything on your screen.
  3. To stop recording, simply tap the red pill or bar at the top of your screen.

The advantage of this way is you don’t need any other app to download Reels. But there are many advantages. Those are,

  • It will record everything on your iPhone’s screen, such as profile name, share icon, heart icon, and more.
  • The file size of the recording will be huge, so it is challenging to reupload or share the video.
  • If you don’t stop the screen recording immediately, it will record unnecessary parts of your iPhone screen.

Download Instagram Reels with online websites

This method is the most famous, best, and easy way to download Reels locally to your Photos app. Therefore, you don’t have to download any additional third-party apps or pay anything to download your favorite Instagram reels for offline viewing. Many websites are available to download Instagram videos by pasting the Reel link from the official Instagram app.

Download Instagram Reels with instadp.com

  1. First, open the Instagram app and then go to the Reel that you want to download
  2. Tap the three-dot icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
  3. Then, choose Copy Link
  4. Next, open one of your browsers and type and visit instadp.com
  5. Tap Instagram Reels Downloader, paste the copied Reels link, and tap the Search button. (If prompted, click the Continue option to proceed)
  6. Next, tap the Download button
  7. The video will now open in your browser. Tap the Share button and select Save to Files in the share screen. After that, choose the desired location for the Instagram Reel to be saved.

Download Instagram Reels with the snapinsta.app

SnapInsta is an efficient Instagram downloader that can download high-quality Instagram Reels, videos, and photos in seconds. The best way to download Instagram content is through third-party websites like the SnapInsta downloader.

Downloading reels videos is very easy. Only you have to do is copy the Reel link from the Instagram app, paste it on the website, and tap Download.

This is how you can download Instagram Reels iPhone quickly and effortlessly.

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