When you want to copy something on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, it is stored in the Clipboard and immediately available for you to paste somewhere you want. Then, if you copy something else, your existing Clipboard is overwritten and lost permanently. However, there is a Mac app named CopyClip, which records the 25 most recent clipboards to solve the issue on Mac. It lets you directly copy any previous clipboards from the menu bar. But where is the clipboard on iPhone? Like the Mac, you may need to save or retrieve recent clipboards on your iPhone. But the way is not as simple as Mac due to iOS restrictions, but it is possible. This step-by-step guide shows you how to access Clipboard on iPhone.

What is Clipboard?

The Clipboard is an internal iPhone function that temporarily saves copied data. Once you copy text on your iPhone, you can paste it anywhere. Your device allows y You can cut, copy, and paste.

This article answers your queries about where is the clipboard on iPhone and how to access, delete, and edit iPhone clipboard content.

Use Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard to access/save past clipboards

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is one of the best third-party keyboards for iPhones and iPad. Many users have been using it for years because of its excellent suggestions, themes, optional number row, and built-in clipboard manager. So, you can use SwiftKey to save, access, and manage current or past clipboards on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Download Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard for the App Store, open it and configure it. For that, go to iPhone Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard and choose SwiftKey. Then, tap SwiftKey and grant Full Access.
  2. After you’ve finished configuring everything, launch Notes or another program with a keyboard. Now, tap the globe or emoji icon to switch your iPhone’s keyboard to SwiftKey rather than the built-in Apple keyboard.
  3. Copy text or link, which is stored on the iOS Clipboard.
  4. Tap the little plus symbol (+) in any app or screen where the SwiftKey keyboard appears.
  5. Tap the Clipboard icon.
  6. Then, tap Save. Now the Clipboard is stored forever in your SwiftKey keyboard.
  7. You may access your stored clipboards by performing steps 4 and 5. To paste or insert it, just hit the clipboard icon after that.
SwiftKey Clipboard iPhone

If you want to remove the Clipboard from your iPhone or iPad, swipe left and tap Delete, or tap Edit to Delete or manage the order of your saved clipboards. Additionally, go to the SwiftKey app > Settings > Clipboard to see and manage all your clipboards.

Use Jailbreak Tweaks

As you know, the native iOS clipboard feature offers a simple way to copy and paste something on iPhone or iPad. Copypasta Tweak, a clipboard manager for iOS 14 by iOS developers Napeta and Litteeen, allows you to improve the features by displaying the history of copied items. Furthermore, it also reveals the app that copied the clipboard entry.

In other words, Copypasta is also a minimal clipboard manager for iOS 14 that allows jailbreakers to copy multiple items to the Clipboard and then paste them anywhere. It displays the history of copied texts and links. After you tap on any of these copied items, it automatically pastes it wherever your cursor is at that time.

However, you must jailbreak your device to install jailbreak tweaks like these.

Use any Notes app

Many Notes apps are available for iPhone, such as Apple Notes, Evernote, Simplenote, Google Keep, etc. If you want to keep your clipboards, you can open any Notes app you prefer and paste your current Clipboard. After that, you may continue using the same Notes app to save your current and previous clipboards by opening them and pasting the content.

Significantly, this method isn’t simple and time-consuming. Still, it is helpful if you don’t want to download any new or additional apps due to privacy, storage problem on your iPhone, etc.

Use Clipboard shortcuts

Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone. Then, tap the Gallery tab at the bottom, and search ‘Clipboard.’ Then, you can see several suggestions. To do that, read their descriptions to find anything that will fulfil your requirements.

Use iPhone clipboard manager apps

You must go through many steps when you use third-party keyboard apps to save the clipboards. In other words, some apps wanted you to tap a few buttons inside the app to keep your Clipboard. That means you must open the clipboard app by copying something to the Clipboard on your iPhone or iPad. Then, tap a plus icon, paste the clipboard contents, and Save. That’s time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Finally, I explored some of the best iPhone clipboard manager apps that cut down all the extra steps. Once installed, you don’t have to do anything else; simply open the app to preserve your current Clipboard. Due to iOS privacy restrictions, an app can only read and use your Clipboard when you open it. As a result, you must launch the app. Fortunately, even in the free version, these clipboard manager apps don’t show any or a few ads.

Here, four iOS clipboard manager apps allow you to save your current Clipboard, save a history of the clipboards, and access the old clipboards.

The best iPhone Clipboard Manager apps for iPhone

These steps show you how to use a clipboard manager app on iPhone to save and access multiple previous clipboards.


OneBoard is one of the best Clipboard manager apps for iPhones or iPad. To copy a Clipboard, you must open the app and automatically save all the contents of your text clipboard.

  1. Download the free Oneboard app.
  2. Copy any text you want. Then, it will store on your iOS Clipboard.
  3. Launch the Oneboard and tap Clipboard. Then, the app automatically saves all the contents of your text clipboard.
  4. Use your iPhone and copy it to the Clipboard when you come across some helpful text.
  5. Open the Oneboard app again, and it will automatically save all the contents of the Clipboard. You can repeat the above steps to keep multiple previous clipboards.
  6. To access those clipboards, you must open the Oneboard app and tap one of the entries. It will copy to your Clipboard instantly and allow you to paste it anywhere else.
OneBoard App

If you want to delete or share saved clipboards, open the Oneboard app and choose the preferred option.

Clipboard Grabber

Simply opening the app saves your Clipboard. To copy a saved clipboard, tap the Clipboard and select Copy.

Download: Clipboard Grabber

Clipboard Grabber App

Clips Board

You can save your current Clipboard by opening the app and tapping Save. However, you are allowed to copy a saved clipboard with just one tap, and it provides widgets support for Today View as the uniqueness of this app. Therefore, it gives access to your saved clipboards, and you can copy them instantly. For that, you don’t need to open the app.

Download: Clips Board

Clips Board App


This app also saves your Clipboard after you launch the app. But it takes more than one step to copy it. It’s helpful if you want to keep your clipboards and change them later quickly.

Download: Clipboarder

Clipboarder App

However, there are many iPhone Clipboard Manager app to download, and it’s difficult to mention all of them. So, I think, all these ways above will help to solve your question ‘Where is the clipboard on iPhone or how to access Clipboard on iPhone.’

Remember that I would advise against keeping your credit card information or any other sensitive data in any third-party apps you are unsure of. Instead, go to iPhone Settings > Safari > AutoFill > Saved Credit Cards > Add Credit Card to store your card information. When you use this card on a webpage with Safari, the information will autofill.

Where is the clipboard on my iPhone?


  • How do I view my clipboard on my iPhone?

To view your clipboard on your iPhone, open any app that keyboard appears and press and hold on to the screen. A menu will appear, and select Paste.

  • When you copy something on your iPhone, where does it go?

The copied item is stored in the clipboard, which can be accessed by opening any app on that keyboard, pressing and holding on the screen, and tapping the Paste.

  • When something is stored to clipboard, where does it go?

The clipboard keeps the last thing that was copied.

  • How do I access my clipboard on Mac?

To access your clipboard on Mac, Press and hold the Command and V keys simultaneously.

  • What does ‘copied to clipboard’ mean on iPhone?

‘Copied to clipboard’ means the text has been copied, and you can paste it to another app.

  • How do I get clipboard history?

There are a few ways to get clipboard history. You can use the Clipboard History feature on Mac or a third-party clipboard manager like CopyClip.

  • How do I access the clipboard on the iPad?

To access the clipboard on the iPad, first, use any app that the keyboard appears. Then, press and hold down on the text field until a menu appears. Tap on Paste.

Where is the clipboard on iPhone or iPad? This tutorial shows you how to access Clipboard on iPhone and Mac without any issues.


You may save multiple clipboards by simply opening a third-party clipboard manager app. These clipboards can be accessed from the app and used elsewhere later. You won’t be able to lose your essential clipboards in this way when you copy something else.

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