Google Fit has many new features that are added now and then. A feature that has been added is the Google Fit app for iPhone can now measure users’ heart rate for free. Users can now track their heart rate with the iPhone camera using this free fitness-related app by Google. So, now users who don’t own a smart wearable device such as Apple Watch can check their heart rate using this app. Previously, Google introduced this feature with their Google Pixel devices in February 2021, and now this feature has come to iOS. This guide shows you how to measure heart rate in Google Fit on iPhone 13.

Google Fit uses the rear camera for tracking heart rate and the front camera to track respiratory rates. Those features are more helpful as the Google Fit app measures the vitals by closely measuring any changes in the user’s body. 

How to measure heart rate in Google Fit on iPhone 13

To track heart rate on the Google Fit app on an iPhone 13, a user needs to keep his finger on the primary camera while applying slight pressure. Let’s see how to use Google Fit on an iPhone 13 to track heart rate.

Steps to Track Heart Rate on iPhone 13

  • Open the Google Fit app on your iPhone. (Download Google Fit,  if not already installed)
  • Tap on the Browse tab (three horizontal lines icon) from the bottom.
  • Now choose Vitals from the menu.
  • Under Check, your heart rate section, tap Get started. Go over the tutorial screens one by one. Make sure to allow the Fit app to access your iPhone camera.
Google Fit Measuring Heart Rate Steps 01
  • Once your camera is open in the Google Fit app, place your finger on the back camera lens on your iPhone and hold lightly but steadily. Turn on the flashlight icon if you’re in poor lighting conditions.
Google Fit Measuring Heart Rate Steps 02

Note: If you have a newer iPhone such as iPhone 13 and 12, there are two or three cameras at the back. So, keep your finger on the primary camera (In iPhone 13 Pro Max: Bottom camera). If you can’t decide, place the finger one by one on all. Then, the app will automatically start tracking when your finger is over the correct camera lens.

Heart Rate Tracking Camera on iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Google Fit will monitor your heart rate in roughly 30 seconds. All you have to do now is be still.
  • Finally, you can tap Save measurement to record it.

This is how to use your iPhone 13 to check your pulse using the Google Fit app. Especially, you don’t need internet connectivity to measure heart rate using Google Fit.

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